The Daily Hunch is a nod to the credo that introspection shouldn’t feel like a chore. You’re one in 7 billion — not one in 12. Slogging through cluttered websites, blinking ads, and barely coherent astrospeak was never really your style to begin with.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do that to obtain meaningful insights tailored to your personal birth details. I’ll send you daily, weekly, or monthly reports that are easy on the eyes and illuminating to the brain. You can think of it as a service, or just astrology that speaks your language. If I wind up demystifying some of it in the process, that’s probably par for the course.




Photo by Voon Chew

Steph Koyfman is pictured here just prior to her Saturn Return. She is now mostly over that hump, and she’s pleased to report that she still can’t tell if she has any gray hairs as a result — though she has acquired a few pink ones. Talking about yourself in the third person is weird.

I’ve been a storyteller since I was old enough to read, or demand to hear the same giant stack of Russian folktales every night before bed. I’ve had love affairs with fiction, poetry, mythology, journalism, and astrology, and in many ways, The Daily Hunch is a vehicle for all of those things.

I decided to start The Daily Hunch when I realized that I was already constantly sharing various astrological insights with the people around me, and that my fascination with it has only intensified over time. I also felt that the mainstream representation of astrology didn’t do it much justice. If I can explain something to you in a way that clicks, or if I can show you that astrology is way more complex and multifaceted than a sun-sign horoscope, then I’d consider my job done.

For any questions, concerns, to book a reading, or just to say hi: email hello@thedailyhunch.com for the quickest response.