6 Things To Briefly Think About And Then Probably Forget: The Gemini Full Moon Internet Listicle

6 Things To Briefly Think About And Then Probably Forget: The Gemini Full Moon Internet Listicle

There’s lots to talk about on the occasion of this Gemini moon, but what else is new?

Gemini is known for its mile-a-minute motormouth, but while it’s brimming with interesting factoids and tidbits, it isn’t known for being particularly cohesive or organized. To suit our collective mood today, let’s do this in an ADD-friendly format. I present to you: 6 Things To Briefly Think About And Then Probably Forget: The Gemini Full Moon Internet Listicle.

1. Every full moon involves a polarity of some sort. With the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, we’re in mental territory. Gemini is the lower mind to Sagittarius’ higher mind, but that’s not to say it’s somehow “less than” the big, sweeping principles that the archer embodies. Gemini is inherently more logical than Sagittarius, which thinks in broad strokes and visionary ideals. With the twins, you get duality and multiplicity, often in the form of a mind crowded with ideas, curiosities, and various forms of stimuli. This full moon is, in many ways, about the tension between information and meaning.

2. At 22 degrees Gemini, the full moon is also in close opposition to Saturn, which just made its annual conjunction to the Sun on Saturday. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that whatever lessons we’re still gleaning from that will figure into the picture. Did the Universe cockblock you lately? Are you feeling a little deflated after Saturn pointed out the fatal flaws in your plans? The full moon is a time of total objectivity, so if it makes you feel any better, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to correct course at this time.

3. The moon is also sextile Uranus in Aries, which is sitting in a trine with the Sun. Uranus in Aries will stop at nothing to preserve its independence and individuality, but it doesn’t necessarily need force when it has the element of surprise (or radical inventive thinking) in its arsenal. Our ability to act on our own — or maybe just make a creative breakthrough — might assist us in the process of resolving our full moon dilemma.

4. The moon is also sitting in a grand air trine with Mars and Jupiter. Mars in Aquarius has been mobilizing our social and humanitarian efforts since the election, and Jupiter in Libra is currently magnifying the need for fairness and justice. Will the Gemini moon complete the puzzle by supplying some crucial communications-related intel? I mean, Russia.

5. The ruler of this moon, Mercury, is in the process of slowing down ahead of its retrograde period, which begins next week. It’s interesting to note that Mercury will station retrograde — and Mars will enter Pisces — on the same day that the electoral college will cast its vote, especially when you consider that Mars last changed signs on the night of the election. When it comes to this full moon, it’s possible that whatever is illuminated at this time will figure largely into the “review and redo” process that’s scheduled for us in the coming weeks.

6. If you’re feeling too restless to think deep thoughts or integrate any of these ideas into your awareness, do things the Gemini way for now. Keep your mind stimulated with podcasts, internets, good books, and conversation. By the time the Moon moves into Cancer the following day, we’ll be ready for feels and introspection. And who knows: maybe you’ll learn something important while you’re toggling between mobile apps.

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